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Consulting and planning Moving Storage Relocation IT commissioning

Furniture rental Off-site document storage Document destruction

On-line catalogues and inventory control Inventory services/Asset management

Insurance Contract skilled labour Disaster recovery Heavy/Unusual items

Renovation Crate Rental Cleaning


Consulting and planning

We work with you from the very beginning, long before the move – planning. The outcome is the “Move Method Statement” a documented plan of the move detailing every aspect of the job, responsibilities, timing, floorplans, ID systems, security, premises protection. This also is now placed on your private website, so all your staff (as you decide) can access it any time over the internet.


After exhaustive planning the actual move is a smooth routine. It’s our bread-and-butter. We usually work at night or over weekends to avoid any work downtime for you, and our foremen are well prepared to execute the plan.


Frequently storage of some sort is needed – to sort out old furniture before it is disposed of, to store excess furniture, to store old documents, there are many reasons. And we have 1,600 sq m of palletized, temperature controlled modern storage ready for use.


You can expect much more form your mover these days. We have our own relocation company ready to help you in a much more extensive way – from finding you new offices –faster, helping negotiate the lease, space planning, furniture/IT procurement and installation, and any other service to help you move better and faster.

IT commissioning 

We have our own specialist IT department to help you de-commission your computers/servers and re-commission them at the new location, so you have everything in one pair of hands. 

Furniture rental

For whatever reason, if you need furniture fast, you can rent office furniture from us – short or long term.

Off-site document storage

The office move is a great time to consider sorting your old documents and making arrangements for more efficient and cost-effective off-site storage. We have our own records management company, so now is a good time to call them in and get some good ideas how to better handle your documents, including everyday document recycling and secure destruction.

Document destruction

The office move generates a lot of old documents to be destroyed – and not just A4 white paper. That’s why our unique “Eko-Box” secure recycling system is perfect for the office move. It’s easy to use, very convenient, secure, environmentally friendly, quiet – and most importantly it will take any paper not just A4 white because we are only interested in safely destroying your paper, not making commissions of paper manufacturers.

On-line catalogues and inventory control

If you have an excess of furniture and it needs to go into our warehouse for storage, we prepare an on-line catalogue for you with pictures and descriptions, so you can view your inventory 24 hours, choose what you need and ask us to deliver.

Inventory services/Asset management

The office move is a great time to do your annual inventory check. And you can outsource it to us. We come in and systemaitaclly barcode all items in your office and give you an inventory on disc that can be use for accounting etc…


Angielska wersja: If you need assistance with insurance arrangements for your assets during the move, we can assist. Of course we have liability insurance in place for up to 1000 000 with AVIVA.

Contract skilled labour

The office move to us, if we do not already work with you, is the beginning of a long term relationship. One way we continue to work for clients is providing them on-site skilled labour to do all those things that have to be done in an office, but you don’t want to hire full-time staff to do it.

Disaster recovery

Count on us to help you in a disaster – God forbid. We can be available 24 hours to help remove your assets in case of a distaster – flood, fire, etc… and move everything to our warehouse.

Heavy / Unusual items

Safes, heavy,bulky items – we have specialist crews and equipment to handle any such items, including structural work to buildings to remove such items.


Your office may need some renovation before you can hand it back to the landlord. We can help. We can arrange complete renovation projects to help you save money and time in moving offices. From simple painting offices to removing partitions and walls, we can do it all.

Crate Rental

Plastic lidded sealable crates – great for confidential documents. We provide them with every move or you can rent direct from our exclusive proivider: Polkrate.


The move is finished, and we have moved all our equipment away and tidied up. But who’s going to clean the windows, floor, the kitchen – ready to be handed back to the landlord. We can!


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