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At Universal Express we appreciate the impact we can have on our environment in the course of our work. That is why we have a transport manager to minimize the unnecessary  use of trucks and equipment, and a BHP officer to ensure safety training. We also use reusable plastic boxes as much as possible instead of carton boxes. In fact we are one of the biggest customers of Polkrate. This also reduces the amount of tape used, and naturally, we reuse carton boxes as much as possible.

A major office move is a pivotal point for our customers to dispose of the old and implement new policies and solutions. 

From the old office, unwanted things have to be discarded: documents, furniture, computers, promotional materials, etc… and the move to the new office is a great time to set up new environmentally friendly systems, like placing Eko-Boxes in the office to easily recycle paper, and outsourcing document storage, so less office space is needed, and documents are promptly and responsibly recycled.

We can place Eko-Boxes in the office before the move in strategic locations, so that staff can dispose of all unwanted paper materials - not only white A4 sheets, but files, cardboard etc…  We then take these full boxes to the paper recycling plant to be liquefied with the contents. We can also provide certificates of responsible destruction. For more information please see www.eko-box.pl. We can then set up a regular paper recycling programme, and off-site document storage service for your new office.

Likewise with furniture, computers/electronics, and even food; we can provide certified disposal services.

Furniture storage and management services are also available, so you can better keep track of your furniture and access it easily - making better use of your existing assets. And through Express Furniture Rental, we can possibly arrange the purchase of unwanted used office furniture.

Please contact us for further details.

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